This minimally-invasive procedure treats spine fractures caused by osteoporosis. It is designed to provide rapid back pain relief and help straighten the spine.

The Procedure

  • Through a small incision in the spine, fluoroscopic guidance is used to help place a narrow tube into the fractured area of the vertebrae
  • A special balloon is then inserted into the vertebrae and inflated in order lift the fracture and return compressed pieced into the correct location.
  • After the balloon is removed, a cement-like material is injected into the space and allowed to harden in order to stabilized the previously compressed pieces and prevent future compression.


  • For some patients, pain relief can be immediate as previously compressed bone fragments are returned to their original settings.
  • For other patients, they can expected to feel relief within two days after the procedure and can return to normal daily activities after 6 weeks recovery period.
  • Conditions will vary from patient to patient and thus proper monitoring after the procedure is crucial to a successful procedure and a speedy recovery.

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